Early Childhood Integrated Data System

States have many early childhood programs, services and data systems. Systems that bring together these multiple data sources through collection, integration, maintenance, storage, and reporting are called Early Childhood Integrated Data System (ECIDS, pronounced E-Kids). Integrated data systems have become increasingly important as states look to better understand how to best support young children and their families to yield lifelong success in the areas of health, well-being, learning, relationships and employment. Utah is no exception.

The mission of the Utah's ECIDS is to better coordinate policy, programming, and funding among all participating programs in Utah through data-driven decision making. To accomplish this aim, the Utah ECIDS works with early childhood programs across Utah to secure data use agreements and to align and strengthen data systems in order to integrate early childhood services data. Once the data is integrated, it's easier to study and understand.

The goals of ECIDS are:

  • provide data that is timely, relevant, accessible, and easy to use in order to answer key policy questions regarding early childhood programs and services;
  • promote data-driven decision making related to funding, programming and policy;
  • improve programmatic and system-wide coordination and collaboration;
  • evaluate long term outcomes for children; and
  • improve child outcomes and the quality of early childhood programs.

The data integration project will facilitate the use of data to address five broad policy questions:

  • Are children birth to age 5 on track to succeed when they enter school?
  • Which children and families are and are not being served by which programs and services?
  • What characteristics of programs are associated with positive outcomes for which children?
  • What are the education and economic returns on early childhood investments?
  • How is data being used now and how will data be used in the future to inform policy and resource decisions?

All personally identifiable information is removed from ECIDS reports and research publications. Comprehensive measures have been taken to ensure the privacy and security of ECIDS data.

For more information on Utah's ECIDS program please contact Stephen Matherly, ECIDS Project Coordinator.